Where to Find Rapid Covid Testing

Testing is an essential tool to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. However, high demand for at-home test have left many retailers struggling to keep them in stock. This video explains what a these rapid covid test is, how it works, and where to get one.

The rapid antigen tests are beneficial because a consumer can use it at home and get answer within an hour. If viral antigens are detected, the line on the test strip will turn dark.

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These tests usually come in pairs. However, the second test is for the same person. Testing yourself twice helps with better accuracy. Testing too close to being exposed to the virus can produce a false negative. These test kits range from $10- to $30 and can be found online or at a local pharmacy. There is no guarantee of availability. This new variant is much more contagious and spreads at a higher frequency. This has caused low stock in rapid covid tests. President Biden responded to this crisis by sending free tests to people’s homes starting in January. These tests are such a critical tool to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.


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