Month: December 2021

3 Tips from Dog Bite Lawyers

If you’re in need of legal support for people that have been bitten by a dog and sustained an injury, contact dog bite lawyers. This video from practicing dog bite lawyers focuses on what you should do in the event of a dog bite and the three things you need to do to prove your case in court.

Most victims of dog bites do not realize that proving your case in court is not as cut and dry as it seems it should be. There are certain elements that need to be in place to fight and win a dog bite case that most people are unaware of.

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This video talks about the basics of a dog bite case, how to prove it, and how insurance plays a role in the matter. Watching this video will prepare you if you or a family member is ever bitten by a dog.

Knowing what your rights are and some of the obstacles that may be in the way of being compensated for a dog bite is important. This video from a legal expert hits on all the major points that you need to know. Watch now.


Ceramic Vs. Porcelain Tile Whats Right for You?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular for home design. Watch this video for a more detailed explanation. Both types of tiles are durable and available in a variety of designs. They are both great tiles for interior design and for homes with children or pets.

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But, there are a few important differences between them.

The porcelain tile is more dense and sturdy than the ceramic one. Ceramic tiles have more pores to them, making them a less desirable fit for a room with the potential for sitting water. Ceramic tiles are also not ideal for outdoor tiling for this reason. An outdoor patio is best tiled with porcelain tiles since they are more able to handle temperature and weather changes. Both tiles are easy to keep clean and available in different finishes, such as matte or glossy. The finish of the tile will determine a lot of the needs for it, such as cleaning frequency and ability to be scratched. Glossy tiles will show more fingerprints than matte ones, for example.

Your Quick Guide to Olets

Branch connections are well-known as olets. In this video, the different types of olets are explained. Olets can be fabricated on-site or added after the fact to reinforce connections. The most common branch connections are weldolets, sockolets, thredolets, elbolets, and nipolets. Specialized branch connections include couplets, latrolets, and flexolets.

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Weldolets are used for butt welding and are the most popular olet. Sockolets are designed for use with socket welding. Thredolets are designed to be used in threaded joints. Elbolets are multi-use olets that can be used in butt welding, socket welding, and in threaded joints. Nipolets are similar to elbolets, but are connected to a small pipe. Like elbolets, nipolets are multi-purpose tools. Latrolets are used in special degree situations. Like elbolets and nipolets, latrolets are able to be used in a variety of positions. Couplets have female ends and are designed specifically for low-pressure services.

Know that you have a better understanding of olets, you can choose the right tools for your next job.

5 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

When designing the style and functionality of your home there are always various things to consider. One option you might be considering is plantation shutters, which can be a beautiful addition to your home.


Plantation shutters offer a great deal of privacy with ease. They are very simple and straightforward to adjust.

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Light and Sound Blocking

Because plantation shutters are made of wood, this more solid material blocks plenty of sunlight, unlike other synthetic blinds. In fact, they block a lot more sunlight than you would expect.

These also dampen a good deal of sound as well; again, this is mostly because of the thickness of the materials which puts another barrier between you and the sights and sounds of the outside world.

Curb Appeal

The use of plantation-style window dressing also adds greatly to the visual aesthetic of your home even from outside. These are very stylish and demonstrate an overall chic look. In fact, these kinds of window accessories actually increase the market value of your home, as they have been shown to be popular with new buyers.


Many companies offer lifetime warranties for plantation shutters, which means putting an end to bent blinds and shabby, outdated looking windows.