Month: June 2022

Gold Golems That Chase Rabbits? Check Out This Minecraft Mod

There are a number of unique mods for Minecraft. Nowadays, it seems like you can find a mod for just about anything. There are mods that add everything from airplanes to sentient rats (Don’t get me started). Mods like this are being released all the time. However, one particular mod has caught my eye in recent times.

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This mod is Gold Rush. If you want to try this mod with friends, consider a Minecraft server hosting company such as MelonCube.

Gold Rush is a Java Minecraft Forge mod that adds plenty of new items and crafting recipes revolving around gold. Now, gold can be found in rivers and the ocean. All you need to do is go digging in the sand to find this gold. These gold nuggets can then be crafted into gold sheets when you combine a few of them in a crafting table. These sheets when combined with more nuggets and ingots can be used to craft a golden golem. The golden golem is much smaller than an iron golem and arguably much more loveable. They will chase away hostile mobs. However, they will also chase rabbits in an attempt to hug them. Minecraft mods are truly incredible.