Different Types of Orthodontic Services

There are multiple types of orthodontic services available for patients seeking straighter teeth. Different patients can benefit from different treatments, and what an orthodontist will prescribe for you depends on your individual needs. Here’s a basic overview of how different types of orthodontic services are classified

The first classification used to differentiate orthodontic services is Phase I vs. Phase II treatment. Phase I treatment is used for patients whose adult teeth have not all come in yet, usually children between the ages of seven and 12.

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Phase II treatment is for patients who have all of their adult teeth and is more comprehensive than Phase I treatment.

Orthodontic treatments can also vary in the amount of time they take. Some treatments take much longer than others to complete, and as a general rule, older patients will take longer to treat than younger patients. For this reason, orthodontists usually recommend that children start visiting them as early as possible.

The final difference between orthodontic services is the material used to straighten teeth. Metal braces, Iconix braces, ceramic braces, and invisible braces all come with their own pros and cons, and your orthodontist will advise you on which type of treatment is most optimal for you.


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