How Are Fire Sprinkler Systems Designed?

When it comes to fire sprinkler system design, it’s important to understand how this process works. In order for fire sprinkler systems to be as effective as possible, a good design is key. Fortunately, there is a streamlined design process for these systems.

First, it’s important to study the floor plan of the building you’re designing a fire sprinkler system for. All of the dimensions of each room, including the ceiling height, are essential when it comes to the correct placement of fire sprinkler heads.

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Sprinkler system design can then be broken up by floor of the building. A database will have all of the necessary components for a designer to incorporate into the system plan.

Once the initial layout is complete, each sprinkler head and component will be automatically numbered. These numbers will correspond to each physical sprinkler system part to ensure that all of the necessary parts are present for the actual assembly and implementation of the fire sprinkler system.

Once all of this is complete, the design can be shown to the client for final approval. This will typically involve a walkthrough of the property to describe where each component will go. Don’t leave your building unprotected.

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