Month: April 2022

Should I Get Clear Aligners For My Teen?

Is your teenager in need of some sort of teeth aligning treatment? If so, there are many options you and they can choose from. In the end, there may be one that works better or one that they feel more comfortable with. It’s important that you discuss all of the options with your child’s orthodontist to ensure you are choosing the right one. In this video, they discuss why you should consider clear aligners for teenagers. Are they better than braces? What’s the difference? Let’s find out!

Clear aligners for teens are very different than the traditional metal braces. With clear aligners, you can not see them when they are worn.

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This can be a really great advantage for teens, so they don’t feel insecure about this teeth straightening treatment. They work just like metal braces, but they are more successful for non-sever misalignments. If your child has severe misalignment issues, they may benefit more from metal braces, which have really great advantages as well. It’s up to you and your child though! Discuss all of the options with the orthodontist and they can tell you what may be the best option. Watch this video to learn more!


How to Wire a C13 Plug

Have you ever wondered how to wire a C13 plug? Well, in this video, an expert shows us how to wire a locking C13 IEC power connector. They go through this process step by step and show us everything we need to do in order to wire this successfully.

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He states that he is doing this particular project for a customer, making them a 50 foot power cable. The customer actually requested the certain parts that he is using.

This sort of project should be done by professionals, especially if you don’t know much about wiring. Hiring a professional can ensure you are safe and that you will be safe when using this cord. There are certain pieces of equipment you need in order to successfully complete this project. You can see him using a wire stripper to cut the ends of the wiring protector to ensure he can get an electrical connection between pieces. This is a very important part of the process, so you can have a way to connect the wiring to the other parts.

To see the entire process of him wiring a locking IL13 and rewirable C13 IEC connector to a 16/3 SJEOOW cable, watch this entire video!


Benefits of Group Counseling

Are you considering group counseling? Although it can be a scary concept at first, it has many benefits. This video shows some extra additional reasons why you should think about group counseling.

Groups generally meet once or twice a week for 90 minutes to two hours. How much people want to reveal about themselves is very individual, but there’s security in knowing that what’s said in group, stays in group.

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Hearing from others with similar issues helps you see that you’re not alone in having challenges, whether you’re grappling with panic attacks, depression, or another mental health issue. Many people experience a sense of relief. Hearing how other members successfully overcame their fear of flying or how they confronted a family member over drug abuse can be very encouraging.

Each group should have participants sign a contract that spells out what’s expected of them. Knowing this can help you overcome any fears about participating. You might have days when you don’t feel like talking, and that’s fine. But the more you contribute, the more you’ll get out of it.

What Exactly Is an International Arbitration?

You may have heard the term ” international arbitration“, but you may not know what it fully means. In this video, an expert will tell us what international arbitration is. International arbitration is arbitration between companies or individuals in different states.

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This may include provision for future disputes in a contract. This helps create a legally binding decision for both companies and individuals.

There are some great benefits of international arbitration. One of which is that it is a great way of picking a neutral venue for determining disputes as well as avoiding the use of one of the party’s national courts. This can be extremely beneficial for you or the opposing individual. Arbitral awards are also not subject to appeal, unlike litigation.

Do you think you should consider international arbitration to resolve disputes? If you run a business and want real choice and control over how disputes are resolved, international arbitration is a great asset to consider. To learn a lot more about international arbitration and whether or not it would be a great idea for you to settle a dispute this way, watch this video. There are a lot of benefits to international arbitration that this experts states.


How Different is the Dental Practice Sales Market Different Than Other Markets?

If you own your own dental practice or you are just curious about how the dental practice sales market works, this video is a great resource to further your knowledge of everything about dental practice sales. Simon Hughes, in the video, is the managing director at Christie & Co and in this video, he discusses what the current dental practice sales market is like and how you can prepare for selling or buying a practice. He states that in 2017, there were an estimated 500 dental practices were sold that year. This is a lot and the number depends on the number of people wanting to buy and sell their dental practices each year.

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There are different prices that they are getting sold for and bought for, and it all depends on the practice.

It’s very important that the banks are keen on lending money for these bought practices, so these sales can go through. It’s very important to know all of the key factors of buying and selling a dental practice when you are in the market to do so. Watch the entire video to hear more of his expertise discuss why it is so important.