How to Wire a C13 Plug

Have you ever wondered how to wire a C13 plug? Well, in this video, an expert shows us how to wire a locking C13 IEC power connector. They go through this process step by step and show us everything we need to do in order to wire this successfully.

Video Source

He states that he is doing this particular project for a customer, making them a 50 foot power cable. The customer actually requested the certain parts that he is using.

This sort of project should be done by professionals, especially if you don’t know much about wiring. Hiring a professional can ensure you are safe and that you will be safe when using this cord. There are certain pieces of equipment you need in order to successfully complete this project. You can see him using a wire stripper to cut the ends of the wiring protector to ensure he can get an electrical connection between pieces. This is a very important part of the process, so you can have a way to connect the wiring to the other parts.

To see the entire process of him wiring a locking IL13 and rewirable C13 IEC connector to a 16/3 SJEOOW cable, watch this entire video!


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