What to Look for In Security Window Films

Window security films are available in a wide variety of options ranging from clarity to thickness and resistance abilities. Here are some things to look for when considering having a film installed.


Thicker security window films are typically a better choice due to their ability to take high-impact hits. This is the primary reason people install these films in their homes, businesses, or public areas to avoid storm damage and intruders.

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Impact resistance will vary between brands and thickness levels.

Reinforcement for Windows

Should an incident occur that hits windows, the film helps prevent the entire glass from breaking and shattering. Shattered glass can hurt someone, and cleaning up those small shards can be time-consuming and challenging. This is another reason to choose a security-level window film.

Added Benefits to Look For

Is the film transparent? You don’t want to block the views from the outdoors, but you don’t necessarily want to advertise that you have this protective measure in place. Clear films allow for plenty of light transmission and also block out UV rays that can result in fading interior furnishings.

Choose a Reliable Security Window Film

Depending on the type chosen, window films that boost security have a wide range of costs. Go with the absolute best that fits the budget for optimal protection.


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