Cell and Gene Therapy Whats the Difference?

According to the YouTube video, “What’s the Difference Between Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy, and Gene Editing”, there are similarities, yet important differences between each of these therapies. Both gene therapy and cell therapy treat disease by changing at the microscopic levels the blueprints of our bodies.

The following information explains the difference between gene therapy and cell therapy:

Gene Therapy introduces, removes, or changes the DNA or RNA in an individual in order to treat disease. This often occurs when the working copy of a gene is transferred into the cell. The cell that has been transferred then changes how proteins in the body are created and do the work for the gene.

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A virus delivers the gene into a cell, and then the viral genes are removed.

Cell Therapy actually places new cells into a person’s body. These are living or modified cells and can come from the patient or another person. This is often accomplished through blood transfusions. Gene and cell therapy is sometimes combined in different ways to more effectively treat disease. An example includes a cell being removed from the body, being modified genetically, and put back in the body.

Cell and gene therapy research is advancing at a rapid rate. Both of these types of therapy show great promise for future medical treatments.

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