What Happens During Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal is a method of repairing cars with dents on the bodice by reshaping the bodywork panel without using paint. This process involves pressing and massaging the damaged panel to push out the dent and restore the car’s original shape and the manufacturer’s paint finish. Let’sLet’s discuss in detail what a PDR dent removal involves.

The car repair technician begins the process by illuminating the damaged section using LED or fluorescent lighting. Lighting the damaged area enables them to work with precision.

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The technician carefully massages the dented panel from the inside using body picks and roads. This process has to be done repetitively to restore the panel to its original state.

This method of dent removal is ideal for cars whose paintwork has not scuffed, cracked, or chipped. It is also cheaper and quicker than the traditional method of dent repairs like a complete body replacement or a crack repair. It is an ideal dent repair method for antique vehicles; it fixes the damage while preserving the car’s value. Want a visual illustration of how to do a paintless dent repair? Click the video link above and watch the tutorial step-by-step.


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