Ultimate Guide to Aluminum Grades

Aluminum is a metal that’s commonly used in construction activities. Different grades of aluminum exist and are tailored for different uses. The YouTube video “Which Aluminum Grade Should I Use” provides guidance for construction managers and builders on the right type of aluminum alloy for different construction activities.

Aluminum 1100 is a common aluminum grade that is 99% pure and contains 1% impurities. This makes it soft and ductile and ideal for use in applications that require forming since it doesn’t harden as fast as other aluminum grades.

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It also possesses high thermal conductivity.

Another grade type of aluminum is the aluminum 2011 alloy. This possesses high mechanical and machining capabilities. It is commonly used for projects done on an automatic lathe. Similarly, aluminum 2014 provides excellent machining capabilities. It is a copper-based alloy with remarkable strength and is ideal for aerospace applications.

For applications that require a good strength to weight ratio, aluminum 2024 is the ideal alloy grade. Another widely used alloy is the aluminum 3003 due to its high purity level. Aluminum 3003 is also 20% stronger than aluminum 1100 due to the addition of manganese to form an alloy. Other common aluminum grade types include aluminum 5052, 6061, 6063, and 7075. Aluminum suppliers often have these different grade types in stock.


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