How Pump and Treat Remediation Works

Pump and treat is one of the groundwater remediation methods that are used to help the Earth. In this specific technique, the contaminated groundwater is pumped out to the surface where it can be treated in a system that is above ground. This is done through the use of wells that effectively can pump the groundwater up and out.

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This process is specifically used to treat groundwater in which the contaminants have dissolved. Once it has all been pumped out, the contaminant source should also be eliminated. At the surface, various technologies will remove the contaminants from the water before it is allowed to flow back into the ground where it belongs. This is an effective and straightforward way to clean the water that is in the ground even when the contaminants have dissolved and cannot be seen.

When it comes to groundwater remediation, pump and treat is a tried and true method for cleaning the water that is in the ground and ensuring that our Earth remains clean and healthy. It also helps to ensure our soil is clean for use by farming and by nature.


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