Replacing Stuff iPhone Screens

Everything has a shelf life. Light bulbs, water heaters, and even duct tape. Not everything is an easy replacement, but more often than not these replacements only need to be done after very long intervals. There is one very big exception to this rule, the glorious iPhone.

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People are prone to dropping their phones all over the place, which has led to a rise in the phone case industry. Phone cases do not always do the job right though, and cracked screens are one of the most prevalent issues people bring to their trusted tech repairmen. You can probably think of several times you yourself have gotten a screen crack right now!

This video details how you (yes, you!) can fix the glass backing of your iPhone XR without even taking it into your cell phone service provider or Apple themselves. Although this may seem like an easy replacement on the surface, the precision required to pull this off can be difficult for some with shaky hands or poor eyesight. If you aren’t confident, an Apple professional is probably the best route to take for your iPhone.


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