A Typical Day at an Elementary School

In this video, you will learn about what to know about day schools. The doors open at 8:50 am. Students who live less than a mile do not get bus transportation.

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If they live further than a mile, they will get the bus. When they first come in, they will get unpacked and start a morning activity to get ready for the first bell at 9:05 am. There is a variety of settings where students can learn. Students may be seated on the floor with seats. There are a variety of settings. They may be turning in these assignments in a lot of different ways. The types of subject areas are Math, English, and Science. In science, students are focused on inquiry-based learning. Along with the core curriculum, students are allowed to take some other classes like music or home and careers. Whether they go to lunch or recess first, the students can choose. Students can purchase a hot lunch at school or they can bring their own lunch. In the library, students can also check out books. Keep watching this video for more information.

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