What Is a Cooling Water System?

A chilled water system, also called a cooling water system, helps cool off whole buildings by sucking heat from the building with cold water. System Control Tech gives more details on these remarkable systems. Think of it as a really large air conditioner.

Chilled water systems are divided into two sides — the primary and the condenser. The primary side contains pumps, oscillation valves and evaporators.

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The condenser side is where all the action is.

Cooling water services include evaporators, which help cool water; condensers, which help keep the cooling water system from overheating; cooling towers, and a tower bypass valve. Since the condensers get hot, they need a constant stream of water to keep them cool. That’s done in the cooling tower. A bypass valve helps regulate the temperature of condenser water. It’s important to keep the condenser water at a constant temperature or there might be a breakdown.

Since a chilled water system is so large, it’s usually not installed inside of a building. It’s placed on the roof or outside but next to the building.

Sometimes antifreeze needs to be added to the condenser side of the system to keep the water from freezing.

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