Choosing a Garage Door Repair Company

The best time to find a residential garage door service is before you need one. How can you choose? There are many garage door repair companies and garage door repair horror stories out there. Don’t add to them by following these tips from A1 Affordable Garage Door Repair Services.

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Is the Company Insured?

Repairing garage doors can be dangerous. If any injuries or property damage occurs, who pays the bills? You might be held responsible. This is why the first thing you should ask a potential residential garage door service is if they have general liability insurance. Can they show you proof of insurance? You then need to contact the insurer to see if what the company tells you is true.

Do They Have a General Price List?

Companies that can produce price lists help to protect you from price gouging.

Who Do You Contact in Case of a Problem?

It’s best to deal with companies that have a brick-and-mortar office or showroom so you know where to go if there is a problem. These companies often have customer service employees to specifically make sure all customers are happy. This also protects you from cowboy construction workers who do shoddy work and then just seemingly disappear. Don’t just accept a phone number. This could be for a call center not located in your area.

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