What Is Smiles Change Lives and How Can You Help?

The first thing you identify in a person is their smile. A smile goes a long way in making one’s day. The kids in this video tell horrifying stories from before they got treatment and obtained their straight and shining smiles. The average cost of braces in America is roughly $5000 to $6000, which is expensive to a standard family. However, with the orthodontist’s partnership with Smile Changes Lives organization, more smiles have been restored to people across America.

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People with dental problems tend to be affected and suffer a great deal, often with self-esteem. They face socio-development challenges such as ridicule and made fun of, making them resort to being anti-social and not to smile. Worst of it all is that not having a straight smile can have negative health effects. However, through Smile Changes Lives, many have been assisted in acquiring braces besides other dental treatments giving people great Sweet Memories In Lips Expression (SMILE).

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