Police body cams and Everything you should really know

With all the pressure being put on law enforcement officers to be accountable for their actions and the increased threat levels that are being seen, the focus on body cameras for police has come under recent scrutiny. It is important to understand what they can and cannot do and how they are typically used by police officials. That is exactly what this YouTube video takes the time to do with great details and down-to-earth explanations.

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It is a very insightful video that sheds light on some common myths and misconceptions regarding police body cams.

There are many variations among the various types of body cameras for police that are available. Each one has its own functions and features, so it is important to understand what cameras are being talked about and used in any situation. Law enforcement officials and the eternal public alike can benefit from an increased level of understanding of body cameras for police and how they can affect interactions and how they can be utilized during and after any sort of conflict.

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