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Strong growth for gas-fired generation in Germany

Irsching_Aussenansicht (blog.zeit) German gas-fired power generation climbed 98 percent year on year in August. Main reasons are lower gas prices compared to coal prices.
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China’s energy consumption to peak in 2035

Gas transport facility Chongqing (China Daily) The energy consumption of China is projected to reach its peak with 3.75 billion TOE in 2035. In addition, the share of gas in the energy supply is about to double by 2020.
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New artic gas field to supply Europe

polarled pipeline The last pipe has been laid at the 482 km long Polarled Pipeline, the first Norwegian pipeline stretching north of the Arctic Circle. The final pipe was laid at the Aasta Hansteen field at a depth of 1,260 metres in the Norwegian Sea.
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