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Author: Lydia Bischof

Profitability of non-subsidized offshore wind farms

Projekt Meerwind SÜD | OST (WIND MW) 1380 MW offshore wind power plants forego state subsidies. According to the experts at Energy Brainpool, the average revenue for non-subsidized offshore wind farms will grow from around 53 EUR/MWh in 2025 to around 76 EUR/MWh in 2035.
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Decrease of renewable energy feed-in tariffs in China

Photovoltaic Power Plant Feed-in tariffs for onshore wind energy and photovoltaics in China have been adjusted.
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Electricity Price Reform Pilot Project in Chongqing and Guangdong

Power-poles Both the National Energy Administration and the National Development and Reform Committee have approved a pilot project for electricity pricing in Chongqing Municipality and Guangdong Province.
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First price signals after announcement of future capacity reduction

Future-Market-Prices-EEX (Source: Montel) After the announcement of reducing the power capacity, first slight price signals can be observed.
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Development of renewable energy in China

CSP plant in Qinghai (Source: ChinaDaily New developments in the renewable energy sector have changed targets or new projects of different renewable energy technologies. These targets are very ambitious.
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China’s investment plan into the Power Grid until 2020

UHV lines in Inner Mongolia In the end of July 2015, the National Energy Administration of China released the 2015-2020 Power Grid construction and reform plan. The document describes the grid development and upgrade plans for the next 5 years.
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Wind curtailment in China

Windrad The currently installed and grid-connected capacity of wind energy in China is 105.5 GW. But the installation of new wind turbines especially in the north-eastern and north-western provinces of China still leads to considerable curtailment.
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Electricity prices in times of extreme energy generation – solar eclipse challenges the energy turnaround (“Energiewende”)

Solar eclipse of 20 March 2015 With the increasing feed of renewable energies in times of the energy turnaround (Energiewende) players of the energy market fears supply shortages and grid instabilities due to performance degradation of renewable power plants. The partial solar eclipse on 20 March 2015 tested the flexibility of the energy market with perspective on the period after shutting down the nuclear power plants.
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